How to get to discover the best mattresses?

Thursday , 27, December 2018 Comments Off on How to get to discover the best mattresses?

Within the comforts as people are those that we can perceive while we are awake, but what happens, with what really not? Let’s talk about a pillow, a blanket or a quilt and something more important, a bed in which a soft and comfortable mattress will be placed above.

People do not usually consider it sometimes in the purchase needs, and acquire any mattress, something that will finally take its toll because the comfort and good rest of the body are important to avoid long-term problems.

In this article we are going to take into account some points to consider in the next purchase of your mattress

In order to write this article, the products on sleepjunkiewere subjected to laboratory tests, quality controls, and measurements, so you can be sure that research based on studies is being done.

The points to analyze are the following:

Body support: any mattress that is of good quality, you should keep your spine in the same way as when you are standing. In the study, the shape of a person’s body was analyzed in 36 different points, both when standing and when lying on the mattress.

Durability: take this point into account because it is important, a good mattress will not become stiffer or softer over time. In the study, several heavy materials were rolled over each mattress many times.

Stabilization: with a good mattress, you are less likely to wake up when your partner turns or moves at night. In the study, a digital oscilloscope was used to count the number of times the mattress vibrates after the impact before returning to calm.

In summary, and adding certain details we could say that:

  • Make sure it does not sink or deform.
  • Sit on the shore to check how quickly it returns to its normal state (without leaving gaps in the mattress).
  • Check that there are no floor threads or stains by default.
  • The firmness according to the size of the mattress as of the person who will use it (can be individual, matrimonial, king size, etc.).

Do not forget to measure the base of your bed

Many manufacturers usually sell the bed and base together, this is a good idea if your old base has certain years of use.

If you plan to keep both the base and the mattress separately, then make sure it fits well. The dimensions can vary with each manufacturer, so it should not be trusted that even a mattress of the same brand has the same measure.

Do not worry if the mattress stinks at first

In general, many users complain about the bad smell of mattresses at the beginning, some think it is a problem of the manufacturer and others believe that the mattress is already used. However, the problem is due to the plastic wrap that causes a smell of putrefaction. Most mattresses have that unique chemical odor when first experienced, in some cases malodorous. As a recommendation, it is important that the mattress remains in fresh air for a few weeks before use.