Learn handling Mattress like a Professional

Thursday , 20, September 2018 Comments Off on Learn handling Mattress like a Professional

The use of viscoelastic padding is becoming more frequent in the rest sector since according to experts it is the most healthy type of material for our rest since a mattress that contains viscoelastic in its padding provides us with a fairly stable, medium- firmness, combined with a great adaptability to our body that will make us quickly notice the difference with other mattresses without this component.

The viscoelastic or viscoelastic material, material developed in the early 60’s at the Armes research center by NASA to relieve the pressure of gravity on astronauts, was incorporated into domestic use in the early 90’s, first in hospitals.

The viscoelastic material has the property of being molded or adapted, reacts to a pressure point transmitting heat on it and thus causes a footprint effect, i.e. adapts its shape to the form of the agent that exerts this pressure to then slowly return to its initial state. This is called resilience or ownership of the material to return to its original form after this is altered.

Thus the viscoelastic adapts to the user’s body in an ergonomic way reducing the different pressure on the body and providing a personalized rest for each user according to their weight and anatomy.

When choosing between a viscoelastic mattress, we must take into account a very important factor, which is the density, property that can vary depending on the stiffness, is measured in kg / m3 and it is important to know that the higher the density, the greater rigidity .

How to choose the density of your viscoelastic mattress?

The density of the mattress refers to the amount of viscoelastic material it contains per cubic meter.

The more material we have, that is to say, the more density, the greater adaptability, therefore, there is an increase in comfort at rest and an increase in the useful life of the mattress, although sometimes this is not the case since in many cases it will depend on the tastes and preferences that the consumer has.

Viscoelastic mattresses have 3 densities:

  • low (18-40 kg / m3),
  • medium (45-75 kg / m3)
  • high (+ 80 kg / m3)

So, depending on your tastes when sleeping, choose one or the other of these densities going from the densities that offer less adaptability to those that offer much more.

What are the advantages of viscoelastic?

It is one of the best cushioning options that we can choose for a mattress since we get an unparalleled adaptability for our body without any feeling of sinking in bed. It does not exert pressure at any point , which allows the body to rest completely the same in all areas . It favors the silence during the rest, especially when it is sleeping next to another person. Thus, we will achieve a deep and continuous rest.

Does heat produce sleep with viscoelastic?

The viscoelastic material is thermo adaptable, meaning that it is sensitive to temperature and reacts by becoming softer with heat and hardening with cold. It does not mean that it produces heat, in fact the material is athermancy and produces neither cold nor heat, what actually happens is that as we now have more contact with the mattress through body molding (more contact surface), it can produce the feeling that we have more heat.

On the other hand we have the characteristic that some of our viscoelastic mattresses have, that basically thanks to a treatment in the fabric we manage to increase the transpiration of the tissue, eliminating the possible sensation of heat that it can produce in some user, in this way we find special nuclei that we they provide a fluid circulation of the air inside the mattress , or faces with 3D fabric for the correct ventilation of the internal layers of mattress in addition to protective covers specially designed for the relief of the sensation of heat.

Our recommendation is that if you are a warm person , when choosing your mattress, do not choose it more than 2cm of viscoelastic , that the padding that touches your body directly has gel treatment and finally and to be able to be between the viscoelastic and the upholstery there are fibers that favor proper ventilation. It is recommended to click on a sleepjunkie branded reviewand get all the details.